"My most important improvement is my ability to listen and remember or repeat the information that was given to me."      Timing 4 Life, LLC Client


​​​TIMING 4 LIFE, LLC is a certified Interactive Metronome® (IM) provider improving the lives of those with challenges in focus and concentration, and impulsivity, as well as those seeking an edge in the classroom, the boardroom, or the ball field


      ADHD  - Having difficulty staying on task?  Taking longer than others to complete tasks? (ADHD & Autism Tab)

      PTSD  - Feeling apathetic?  Frustrated?  Having lingering irritations with people? (PTSD Tab)


      AUTISM  - Need help with self regulation?  (ADHD & AUTISM Tab)  ​

      ATHLETES  - Want to improve execution speed and timing? (SPORTS Tab)

      PARKINSONS  - Struggling with fine/gross motor skills?  Is your balance effected?  (SENIORS & AGING Tab)

      SENIORS  - Are you a focused and responsive driver?  (SENIORS & AGING Tab)

Using IM neuro-motor technology, Timing 4 Life, LLC (Fairfax, VA) can help to those who struggle with specific cognitive and neurological condition such as ADHD, autism, stroke, PTSD, visual and auditory processing disorders, gait issues, and more.  ​Athletes turn to this technology to improve information processing speed and coordination.  Seniors use it to reduce fall risk and to improve driving skills. 

Today there are IM providers in over 30 countries.  IM is used in private settings, schools, and in over 5,000 hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers.  Conveniently located in Fairfax, Virginia, TIMING 4 LIFE has served clients from across Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC for over twelve years.  

INTERACTIVE METRONOME has received an abundance of media recognition including the CBS Early Show, CNN News, US News and World Report, as well as various segments that have aired on hundreds of TV affiliates, radio stations, and national publications.


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