GOLF DIGEST, The Beat Is On 
On the PGA Tour, the difference between a golf swing that produces a nice, high draw and a lousy snap hook can be measured in milliseconds. So, it's no surprise that one of the hottest pieces of workout equipment on tour is the Interactive Metronome (IM).

FOX SPORTS, IM for Pro Athletes 
Fox Sports recently referred to the IM program as "training of the future." Leaders in the field of sports training are raising awareness of the need for a practical, proven solution to train key mental aspects of the game. In the report, various pro and college teams such as the NFL (Miami Dolphins), NBA (Miami Heat), NHL (Florida Panthers) and University of Notre Dame Football team shared their positive experiences with the IM training program. Pro athletes reported improvement in focus, concentration and mind speed.   

ESPN College Football Gameday Special, Report on Interactive Metronome
ESPN’s College Football Gameday program featured a special 2.5 minute report on Notre Dame’s use of Interactive Metronome in their off-season workouts...Tyrone Willingham, head coach of Notre Dame remarked, “It’s a program of focus and concentration enhancement that allows a player to better focus all of his energies on the given task.” “If you have the ability to focus and concentrate … then especially in pressure situations you’re much clearer in your thoughts and your view of what’s taking place,” says Willingham “And, therefore it should enhance the ability to make big plays.”​


Athletes at any level seeking to improve their skill set may see these improvements:

Impulse Control  

Focus & Concentration


Auditory & Visual Processing Speed


Rhythm & Timing

Motor Planning and Sequencing

Execution Speed 

Athletes can train in less than two months.  There are no at-home exercises and for most, the gains are long term.  The program also includes pre-, interim-, and post-IM computerized measurements of achievement.  

School sports teams, college & university teams, and professional athletes have used IM, including golfers Vijay Singh and Glen Day, Notre Dame Football, the Miami Heat and the Miami Dolphins have all used IM.  Certified providers such as TIMING 4 LIFE, LLC (Fairfax) work one-on-one with clients, customizing the program to fit each client's abilities. 

In a golf study (9, 7, 5 iron and driver) there was a 20% gain.  There was a 35% increase for advanced golfers who had consistent swing mechanics.


​Using the IM program, the athlete performs a variety of exercises to a steady beat.  The responses are measured, using extremely sensitive hand and foot sensors, several times a minute and the results are displayed instantaneously on a computer screen.  The technology can measure the precision of the movement to 1,000th of a second.

By responding to the information on the computer screen, the brain is challenged to plan, sequence, and execute more effectively.

Distractions are later introduced through the headphones.  The athlete learns to overcome distractions and sustain concentration for long periods of time.

As visual and auditory processing speed is improved, response times becomes faster, while over responses and under responses are smoothed out. Rhythm, timing, and coordination, typically improve.

Athletes gain the edge when using modern technology to train the brain in order to produce peak physical performance.  Over time, the sessions typically produce measurable gains in both accuracy and consistency.

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