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 Client Quotes  

 "Yesterday I was very focused and in control at my employee's six-month review.  It was such an empowering meeting/experience for me and I wonder if anyone else in my group has noticed the change." 

"My most important improvement is my ability to listen and remember or repeat the information that was given to me."

"My coping skills have improved, I'm feeling less anxiety, I'm slowing myself down and doing better at work."   

"I am more focused with work and am getting more accomplished during the day.  I thought maybe I was procrastinating, but maybe I was having focus issues."

"I am more aware of my own anger management and coping skills. This weekend when camping and whitewater rafting I noticed on several occasions, reasons to be frustrated . . . I was able to step back and let go of the frustration and instead be encouraging." 

 "I have to tell you that the effect of the IM is most astounding!  It knocked my socks off...thanks for sharing this wonderful technique with me.  I can see how someone who is anxious might calm down with it even though it gave me a lot of energy." 

"I have definitely become more focused and can concentrate better despite the constant interruptions at work.  My co-worker even commented today that I am so  focused . . . I've gotten tasks completed that I had been putting off.  Also, I feel like I am more articulate when I speak at work which is a huge plus for me."
"Active individuals who simply want to be as sharp as possible can benefit from this training program.  IM can bring improvements in attention and concentration, and behavior (self regulation/impulsivity)."

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