"We are seeing him become the boy we always knew he could be; self assured, happy, and curious."

​WILL IT HELP WITH SCHOOL?  Substantial research has been done on its effects in the classroom.  Please click on the Research and T4L vs Tutoring tabs to learn about the difference IM can make for students.

WHAT IS IM?  IM is a neuro-motor technology tool designed to improve information processing abilities. The American Journal of Occupational Therapy has published study results showing improvement in these areas:

    Attention & Focus    
    Motor Control / Coordination    
    Control of Aggression / Impulsivity
    Language Processing     
    Reading & Math  

"The Interactive Metronome is spectacularly helpful.  It is one of the most promising developments with non-medication ADHD that's come along in a long while . . This is really solid, extremely helpful non-medication (intervention) not only for ADHD but for mental functioning in general"

Edward Hallowell, MD, author of Driven to Distraction, and leading clinician and speaker on ADHD     


 BESIDES ADHD, WHAT OTHER CONDITIONS CAN IT HELP?  Those who have benefited include children and adults with these disorders:      

    CAPD & NLD 
    Asperger Syndrome
    Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Cerebral Palsy
    Sensory Integration Disorder
    Cognitive & Neurological Disorders  






•    "A greater awareness of [his] surroundings"
•    "Excellent first week of school"

•   "Tic improved within hours following IM"

•   "No issues with transitions"
•   "Focused and quiet throughout mass"
•   "Calm, quiet alertness continued the remainder of the

•   "Articulation has improved over the past two weeks. 

     He hasn't received any speech therapy"
•   "More thorough responses (more regularly)"

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) 

RESULTS - Timing 4 Life, LLC Boys

This 15 y.o. ASD boy was initially unable to do many of the exercises.  As time went on he was able to work for several minutes at a time responding to the computer's prompts. At this time he is much more verbal than when he began IM training and will answer almost any question I ask him.  His personality is showing through.  He is happy, interested, and enthusiastic.  He is showing initiative by bringing over sensors he would like me to use.  His mother reports his demeanor is calmer (leg shaking and hand gestures) and he is less rushed.



This grade school aged ASD boy required adult supervision during IM sessions.  Following the sessions his mother noted he was watching higher level TV programs and that he began playing with some of his toys in more traditional ways.  His vocabulary also increased.


This middle school ASD boy had very limited communication skills and was unable to initiate conversation.  His parents reported that he began sleeping better and that he was able to answer questions.  His speech was clearer and he began expressing his opinion:

     "How about let's do that one, that's easier"
     "My favorite food is hot dogs, hamburgers, and


He became spontaneous, telling his sibling he would like to switch and go first for his IM session.  He was able to comprehend that I was purposely trying to distract him during a computer game to see if he could accommodate the challenge.  I saw humor and spontaneous banter coming from this otherwise quiet boy.

This 15 y.o. ASD boy could only speak five words or one sentence.  He was difficult to understand and he could not attend to or sit for an activity.  He could only convey his most basic needs.  Soon however, his teacher noted he had become very talkative and that his reading improved.  His mom said he transitioned better than expected following the school break.  He was able to write independently for five minutes (the longest he had ever performed an activity).

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